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Forwardhealth Home Gym

Thinking About Setting Up a Home Gym?

What you need to know in setting up a home gym:

There is no denying the fact that one of the ways to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy is to work out on a regular basis. A home gym allows you to exercise on a regular basis, even on days when you do not have much time.

We’ve had a home gym for 16 years, we couldn’t believe how much money we were spending on gym fees, and that is why we made the change so many years ago.  Setting up a gym in your home could save you the cost of memberships for months or years to come.   No more waiting for a machine to get freed up, wasting time that you could be putting on your training.  What’s even better, you can do your workout anytime that suits your schedule.  You also get to enjoy more privacy.    It’s easy to get lured into spending more than is necessary on equipment.  I personally prefer to keep things simple.

Factors to Consider

  • Before you buy any equipment, make sure that the space you are planning to use can accommodate it.
  • What is your budget? There are plenty of sites that offer their used equipment which you might consider too.
  • start with the basics first such as a  jump rope, foam roller, resistance bands, and a yoga mat. You can expand as time goes on, adding a bench, weights, pull up bar or push up stands.

Here are a few pieces of equipment that I have bought for my home gym setup:

Forwardhealth Home Gym

Dumbbells (weights) can be used for strength training.  Using a pull up bars a number of compound dynamic exercises can be done. It helps improve posture as well as reduce back pain.  Medicine Balls And Stability Balls are inexpensive exercise equipment used for strength and balance training. Stability balls can be used for simple exercises for balancing your body’s core.  I recommend The Treadmill Factory if you’re ordering some equipment on-line.  If you’re looking into a mini trampoline, my favorite is the Cellerciser.

Barbells allow heavier weight training in a fixed position unlike dumbbells. You can take the weight plates out of barbells and use them in separate exercises. An example might be holding a plate and doing sit-ups while holding it.

Music is a good way to keep you motivated and have fun while exercising.  Having a TV or a sound system as well as workout DVDs or on demand programs is helpful.  We use series of workouts on a regular basis.  Make sure the space is well ventilated and the ceiling is high enough for you to perform all the exercises in a safe manner.

Using a piece of cardio equipment to get the blood circulating in your body and full of oxygen is effective and useful as well!  There are certainly a lot of choices you have for this, but I think a stationary bicycle or a re-bounder(trampoline) are best.  Both are excellent choices because they take up minimal space, but with maximal use.

Yoga is clearly known to be one of the best ways to train flexibility, I think everyone needs to make sure that they reserve space for it in their home gym!

You might also invest in rubber tiles that not only offer more of the gym feel but are also easy to install.  Make sure the rubber tiles are strong enough to support your equipment in order to avoid tearing it off while using your equipment.  Carpets may not be your best idea


  • Establishing a routine can help you reach your goals.
  • Your muscles will get sore, so make sure to give yourself a day or two to of rest between workouts.
  • Always warm up before a workout and cool down afterward to avoid injuring your muscles

Yours In Health

Dr. Phil McAllister @ Forward Health Guelph