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Forwardhealth - Dr Phil

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Shelly N.

I am very happy with the service I have received from my Dr. Phil McAllister at Forward Health. He has helped my husband and son along with myself with our all our unique adjustments. He is exceptional at his work and always has a smile on his face. Along with his wife Cassandra, they are both friendly, professional and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Phil to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

Nancy L.

I am rather new to Dr. Phil and his practice, but I wish I had known about him long ago. When I walk into the clinic and chat with Cassandra and Dr. Phil, I feel like I'm visiting caring friends. Each treatment leaves me feeling so much better than when I arrived. When I first visited, I had severe back pain. I got some relief after the first treatment. I am pain free now, but I go for frequent "tune-ups"!

Laura S.

When I first went to Dr. Phil, I was in quite a bit of pain in my lower back. His initial assessment was very thorough, leading to a treatment plan. My treatments have given me pain relief and better motion. Dr. Phil and Cassandra are lovely people who always greet you with a smile. Dr. Phil is very knowledgeable and has a vast skillset to treat a wide range of issues. I highly recommend him!

Dave H.

Dr. Phil and his team are wonderful! I came in with a sore shoulder and he talked me through the whole process and how my muscles all work together. Mine were not a team. Thank you Dr. Phil for making my body happy again.

Michael L.

I have been coming to see Dr. Phil for many years (20+), on and off. He has helped me effectively rehabilitate from degenerative muscle and joint conditions, injuries and just getting back on track with activities. He is very personable, knowledgeable and I trust him 100% for helping me take care of my body.

Richard H.

An excellent professional establishment with caring skills. Phil and Cassandra run a thoroughly perfected clinic, that includes my treatments of a sports injury. Great work, thank you.

Carolyn B.

Dr Phil has been instrumental in getting my back well. My family doctor referred me for an acute back issue. I had never been to a chiropractor and was honestly nervous, I did not know what to expect. Phil always takes the time to explain, he has helped me understand his role and my role as I need to actively be part of recovery. Phil helps me understand exactly why my body has pain and the steps to "get my orchestra playing in sync"!! And, a shout out to Cassandra, Phil's wife and office partner who is always a friendly face as I arrive for my appointment. Forward Health is an overall positive experience. Check it out!!

Maureen L.

FORWARD HEALTH has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. Dr. Phil McAlister is helping to bring my mind and body back to health. I am experiencing relief from chronic pain in my hip and legs with the neuro-muscular techniques to improve strength and endurance. The team works together making each visit welcoming and enjoyable. Thank you for your constant care.

Kitty U.

I have been going to Dr. Phil for many different things over the years, from stress-related neck and shoulder pain, to fixing my torn shoulder when I fell skiing. He always has the remedy and gets me moving again! Sometimes I just need one visit, and sometimes more, depending on what my body needs. Dr. Phil not only gets me back in top form physically, but mentally as well. He is always positive and is enthusiastic about life in general. If you're in pain from an accident or injury, or stress, chances are you need Dr. Phil.

Anita S.

Dr. Phil and his wife Cassandra were the best team to work with in fitting me with my orthotics. Expect friendly service, accurate diagnosis, thorough consultation and organized paperwork. I highly recommend you visit Forward Health for all your orthopedic needs.

Carol D.

I have been seeing Dr. Phil on and off for a few years now for issues with my back. He has helped me function at times when I could barely walk. He is very passionate about his work and truly cares about his patients. I have always been seen without delay. I feel as though I am visiting a dear friend when I come in for treatments.

Sandra L.

Forward Health has helped my family stay healthy and mobile. We go to Dr.Phil on a regular basis and not only enjoy the treatments, but the office staff is always friendly and helpful! Thank you!

Phil B.

I have always been well taken care of by Dr. Phil and Forward Health. No one wants to be in need of chiropractic care but if you are, then this is the place to check out.

Teri P.

Dr Phil takes the time to get to the root of what is causing issues and works his way up from there. He doesn't just adjust you send you on your way. He wants you to feel better and stay that way. Thank you so much!!!

Linda B.

It is always a very positive experience because of the professional and well experienced chiropractic care by Dr. McAllister. As a client, I have always been treated as well with respect, kindness, and a friendly smile, both by Dr. McAllister and his receptionist. I highly recommend Dr. McAllister for chiropractic care.

Ralph N.

I have been to several chiropractic clinics over the years, and this rates as one of the best. Dr. Phil's knowledge is outstanding and his experience in chiropractic and sports medicine make his treatment plan effective. I also appreciate the friendliness and warmth with which I am treated here.

Travis M.

Dr. Phil McAllister has been helping me with my back. He is personable and clear in his explanations of the findings and recommended treatment. With Dr. Phil's help, I've been able to understand the root cause of my back problems and what I can do to get healthy and active again.

Dennis D.

I have been going to Dr. Phil now for about 7 years. As an active old guy who still plays softball, golf and cycles , Dr. Phil, keeps me in the game. I appreciate his skills, knowledge and advice. At this time of my life, it is about being proactive with my health which what Forward Health is about. Thank you to Forward Health and Dr. Phil.

Shashi R.

Cassandra is always so welcoming and pleasant. She is so helpful and patient and always has a warm presence. Sessions with Phil have been so helpful with improving my mobility and comfort. His sessions are short yet very effective. I highly recommend him. He is so easy to converse with and such a warm and kind person. Very highly recommended!

Irene G.

I have been a client of Dr. Phil's for the past 20 years. He has been a caring, professional and informative chiropractor. He and his office staff take the time to meet and accommodate your needs. I have always had success with his treatment plan and fully recover from my aches, pains or injuries. I highly recommend Dr. Phil and his staff.

Betty R.

Totally professional service, go to great lengths to ensure that each patient is treated according to individual needs and all pain is alleviated. Both Dr. Phil and Cassandra are very caring and patient!!

Gia L.

Always a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Phil is a talented chiropractor who spends time educating and working on his patients. Never do you feel rushed in the treatment regime or that there is a need to continually come back.

Stefanie C.

Wonderful service. Phil and Cassandra are friendly and professional. They have worked with my crazy schedule to fit me and my family in for adjustments whenever they can.

Christine W.

Very friendly and helpful. Dr. McAllister helped me recover from a knee injury and most important for me, he helped me stay active while doing it. He answered all my questions, explained why some movements didn’t feel great and provided alternatives. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

Jackie W.

Dr. Phil is the most professional, knowledgeable Chiropractor I've had the pleasure to be seen by. He can fix the most painful aches and pains, and actually make it pleasant with a laugh or two. He and Cassandra are both warm and personable - a pleasure when I must visit Forward Health.

Debra S.

Have been a customer at Forward Health for many years. Have always received excellent service from Dr. Phil and Cassandra.. When i have had problems with my back they have always managed to fit me in and helped with my issues. Would recommend Forward health for any of your chiropractic needs.

Kristin W.

Fantastic! Best Chiropractor I have ever been treated by😊. Dr Phil keeps me moving and feeling good with a combination of gentle manual adjustments and neuroadaptive retraining of muscles.

Vicki C.

Dr.Phil is very personable nd friendly. The orthotics can be adjusted to your prefered fit. You can get 2 pairs so you don't have to keep switching them in and out of shoes. It's GREAT!

Adrian N.

Dr. Phil is an outstanding Chiro that goes beyond basic adjustments to treat the entire Neuromusculoskeletal system. Even if you have seen a chiro in the past give Dr. Phil a chance!

Gary S.

Dr. Phil is the best! His holistic approach and in-depth understanding of how the system that is our body works combine to make this the best chiropractic care possible. And all this with a smile and unwaveringly positive attittude (with the excellent aid of Cassandra, as well :-). Most highly recommended!!

Daniela M.

Forward health is a sanctuary of healing. The staff are absolutely incredible! I’ve been using their services for years and have never felt disappointed. Rebecca and Rick are grey massage therapist with very different specializations to suit your needs. I can not recommend them enough!

Dave R.

Rebecca is a highly knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist, well worth seeing to cure your aches and pains. The staff are all very friendly, and the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting. I highly recommend Forward Health to anyone looking for therapeutic massage.

Shawn W.

Dr Phil and Cassandra are such wonderful and friendly people, you can’t get much better people and service than this!! Dr Phil has helped me with my back problems for the past five years or so, his knowledge and experience can’t be beat.

Suman P.

I have been vising to Dr. McAllister for about 1.5 years. He is a very knowledgeable, patient and capable doctor. He took the time to understand my pain points and explained the cause and solution to the problem.
I am happy to have known him and taken his sessions.

Shirley B.

Dr. Phil is always receptive to hearing what I have to share about my health and adjusting my treatments accordingly. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me considerably. He and Cassandra are warm and friendly and easy to talk to.

Kevin A.

I highly recommend Dr Phil McAllister. He looks at the big picture and combines chiropractic with physiotherapy and exercise to find a personalized solution. He brings a wealth of knowledge, he's very multidisciplinary in his approach - if you are not making progress with your current specialist, give Dr Phil a try. He's upbeat and personal, always professional.

Susan P.

Dr Phil and Cassandra are always exceptionally friendly, welcoming and pleasant. I always feel that they are both happy to see me and truly care about my health. Dr Phil is very knowledgeable, caring and skilled. He takes the time to not only treat you but also to educate you on the anatomy of your injury. I have been going to Dr Phil for 3 years and I fully trust him with my care.

Helena W.

I have been seeing Dr Phil McAllister for a few different issues: back, knees, shoulder, and hip, in the last number of years and have found him to be knowledgable, caring and most importantly helpful. His different approach has been much more beneficial to me in a short time than decades of traditional chiropractic care I previously received.

Sharon S.

I have so appreciated how quickly Dr. Phil has been able to see me whenever I have injured my back and how quickly he was able to relieve the pain I was in. He is very knowledgeable and informative! I will definitely keep coming back with any issue that arises!!

Sarah H.

Dr. Phil really is a life saver. He treats three members of this family for different issues and we're all recovering really well. He's knowledgeable, friendly, always prompt and all round amazing. We can't speak highly enough of him.

Kristen B.

Dr. Phil is more than just a chiropractor and has your health at heart. He is amazing and looks at how everything from top to bottom. He makes sure to get at the root of the problem and never puts a “band aid” fix approach. Definitely recommend!!!

Yvonne R.

I lucked out when I first came to Guelph and picked Dr. McAllister from the phone book. I was suffering back spasms from the stresses of the move. I found him attentive and professional; it didn’t take many sessions to be back to normal again. Every few years when I have needed the aid of a chiropractor, Dr. Phil has been my go-to person. Each time I went I found he had upgraded his knowledge and skills. He always explains what muscles are damaged, and how every movement he asks me to do will benefit my recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. McAllister.

Darius M.

I have been with Forward Health for about 6 years now and love the service they provide. Phil's approach is not like other chiropractors I have been to. He addresses the issue through active movements to get things moving and rehabilitated, then performs the typical manipulations you would expect. It is this combination approach, along with homework assignments that makes Forward health effective. Phil has treated my chronic knee pain, shoulder strain, forearm strain and most recently rehabilitation from a recent knee surgery. Love it.

Lesley F.

Partway through the 1st wave of COVID my piriformis muscle decided it didn’t like my home office set up and acted up putting me out of commission. My husband who uses Dr. Phil himself reached out to him to see if he could help and I've been going ever since. Having never been to a chiropractor I was skeptical at first but after my first meeting with Dr. Phil, my skepticism quickly left. Dr. Phil's treatments gave me back my life. His humor, wit and stories are an added bonus as is his wife Cassandra. I highly recommend Dr. Phil and Forward Health Clinic!

April W.

Dr Phil is amazing! He was recommended to us from a friend who helped treat carpal tunnel syndrome and avoided surgery! I always leave there feeling like I have been treated by a real friend who truly cares about helping me feel better. I say what is hurting and he knows exactly why and takes the time to explain it. Working to get my body to function the way it should be is the goal. After just one visit I feel better. Keeping the work up and continuing with treatments will keep me feeling great. Keep up the good work Dr Phil!

Thiviyan S.

I went to Forward Health because I was experiencing shoulder pain. Dr. Phil explained clearly what was going on and in a few sessions I had noticed a significant difference in the strength of my rotator cuff muscles. He also made a point of making great conversation and he seemed to enjoy entertaining my questions about his approach. This was my first time going to a chiropractor and I will definitely be going back here for any future chiropractic needs!

Doug R.

Dr. Phil McAllister is a professional chiropractor who is very personable and knowledgeable given his wealth of experience. He makes you feel at ease and listens to exactly why you have booked an appointment. Regardless, if it’s a physiotherapy issue or a chiropractic adjustment you require, Phil treats you with the care you require towards a healthy recovery. My experience with Dr. Phil has always been positive over the the last 30 years. I would highly recommend Dr. Phil McAllister.

Stewart N.

Great chiropractor. Orthotics are awesome - quick easy feet scanning and great turn around (less than 10day) and buy one get one free. Would highly recommend

Martha J.

I have been getting orthotics from Forward Health for several years. They offer great pricing (2 for 1) and speedy service. Very happy with all my interactions with Dr. McAllister and Cassandra.

Diane D.

Phil is always very kind and patient. He has always helped me. Cassandra is helpful and fantastic to deal with. I highly recommend Forward Health.

Peter S.

I wish I could give Dr. McAllister 100 stars for the miracles he has worked for me. Starting with rehabilitating me from a critical psiatic/piriformis syndrome, then 2 impinged nerves--one for each shoulder--, orthotic prescriptions, and ongoing chiropractic care to keep my immune system strong, my back and shoulders relieved from strain, and my nervous system healthy. Plus he's an incredibly kind, generous, and enthusiastic caregiver and all-round wonderful person. Plus you get the amazing Cassandra providing administrative support and friendship.
Dr. 'Phil' is one the most empowering, healing practitioners I've ever known. I highly recommend Dr. Phil to anyone with postural or muscolo-skeletal problems, or who's looking for overall wellness and health through chiropractic care.

Jeff G.

My wife prompted me earlier in the year to see Dr. Phil after searching for someone to help me with sciatic pain. I was also receiving acupuncture at the clinic for a short time. I was getting relief and was feeling better through the treatments. I suffered an upper body (neck/shoulder) injury in February in a car accident. Dr. Phil was providing me needed care for this and then the clinic had to be closed due to COVID. Even though the treatment had been interrupted, the care didn't. I got regular check-in's from Dr. Phil. I too had a little COVID paranoia, but when the opportunity was given for continued care I put on my mask and had a treatment!! I absolutely benefit from the treatments, encouragement, challenges I get from Dr. Phil. I had kind of given up on chiro because previous experiences had left me feeling adjusted, but not much more. Dr. Phil offers a treatment plan that with a little work on your own, will have you feeling better in no time. Just sayin, from experience and all!! Thanks Dr. Phil

Neil S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Phil's for almost 20 years. During this time, Dr. Phil has helped me through a number of aches, pains, tight muscles and injuries, including times when I could hardly walk in. Whatever the source of the condition (sports, the gym, yardwork, etc ) , Dr. Phil gets to the root cause, treats the condition, and where applicable offer stretches or exercises to assist in recovery as well as advice on how to avoid re-injury. One injury of mine took me first to the walk-in clinic where they told me what the problem was and sent me off suggesting rest and pain pills. I left there thinking "you've got to be kidding me". So I went to Dr Phil. He treated the injury, explained why it was happening, and gave me stretches to do to address the inflammation and avoid future recurrence. It worked. I schedule regular appointments with Dr. Phil as a means of preventing issues. I highly recommend Dr Phil!

Meaghan T.

I have been following Dr. Phil for several years for chronic back pain due to my career. He has kept me in the game and has even treated me through two pregnancies. I love his active therapy approach - he takes his time to find the root of the problem and works to retrain the body for long-term pain relief. He always runs on time, greets you with a smile and brings his years of practical experience to the table! My husband has started seeing him as well and appreciates his gentle approach since he has had negative experiences with chiropractors in the past. Happy to see Dr. Phil taking over Forward Health and look forward to working with him for years to come!

Rob D.

I have been a patient at Forward Health in Guelph for many years. From the beginning, I have found Dr. Phil McAllister to be a very competent, personal and professional individual. He explains in layman's terms his diagnosis of underlying problems & what he is proposing to do to address them. So far, he has been successful at meeting my needs. As follow-up to my last treatments, he provided a number of strength and stretching exercises by way of an email link that my wife and I now use daily. Very applicable to our needs and most appreciated. I must also add that Dr. Phil and his staff are extremely accommodating and gets me in for treatment often the same day I call for help. I have no concerns about recommending Forward Health to family and friends in need.

Sheila M.

I highly recommend Dr. Phil McAllister and Forward Health. Over the last decade, Dr. Phil has been a key part of the health care plans for three of our children (2 athletes, 1 concussion related treatment). Not only has Dr. Phil supported each of their medical concerns, but he has also developed a strong connection with our kids (now young adults), encouraging them to learn more about the physiological basis of their individual needs and providing at home training recommendations so that they can each be an active participant in their personal health care programs. Thanks Dr. Phil, and Cassandra too, for your care, concern, and A+ service!

Denise Z.

I highly recommend Dr. Phil and Forward Health. I have been seeing Dr. Phil now for a number of years. Dr. Phil has helped me function better than I was in the past. He has helped me when I was in crisis mode and helped me get out of it. There have been times that I walked in the office almost crying and was able to walk out with a lot less pain. He is really good at explaining to you what he is doing.

Lynda F.

I have been going to Dr. Phil over many years for various ailments and have always found his staff excellent and very helpful. Dr. Phil's services have been excellent and at each time proven to be very effective in getting me back to living my life to its fullest. I highly recommend the Forward Health Clinic.

Jesse B.

I have gone to Forward Health off and on over the past few years, and I can’t recommend them enough. Dr. Phil, and his receptionist Casandra, are both friendly and professional while ensuring that your experience at Forward Health is the best it can be. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Guelph area I would highly suggest you book a consultation with Dr. Phil at Forward Health!

Mark G.

Amazing doctor here everyone. If you want to improve your game as flexibility is very important, see Dr. McAllister.

Kathy S.

Very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and caring. I would highly recommend

Jerry Z.

I've been receiving treatment from Dr Phil for over 20 years. He's the best in the business.

Joe O.

The clinic has an overall care for client service and you feel that you are most important during your treatment.

Kyla P.

Great staff and experience!