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How To Optimize Your Ergonomics While Working At Home

It’s important to be kind to your back while working from home during this time of social distancing.  You may not have a designated home office work space with an ideal set up.  Here are a few tips to improve your at home work ergonomics and protect your back.

Where Possible Mimic the Optimal Workstation Setup:

If you are working from a laptop, consider whether adjusting the angle of the screen or using a laptop stand to take strain off of your neck.

Choose a supportive kitchen or dining style of chair. Avoid sitting on soft armchairs or sofa’s to work.  Sit back in your chair, with your feet flat in front of you. You could place a cushion in the curve of your spine to support your lower back.

An easy way to think about things is “The Rule of “90” which generalizes the angle of your hips, elbows and feet.

One of my favorite chairs to use during this “Great Pause” is the Swiss Ball Chair

Another simple shift is to work from a table height surface, avoiding using your lap or a low coffee table with your laptop of tablet.

Also, a sit stand desk can be invaluable at this time, and many people have been getting innovative to build them with shoe boxes etc.  The key with any of this is to make sure we are changing positions every 20-30 minutes.


  • Walk around when you take phone calls
  • Most of us have an attention span of 23-25 minutes maximum when we’re in front of computer screens, and beyond that we have tendency to lose our focus.  So, this is a great to change our state, by getting up and moving in some way, even if it is just for 2-30 seconds.
  • Get up to make a drink or use the restroom etc.
  • Take a proper lunch break away from your computer to stretch and move.  Walking is excellent during this time for example.

Want to know more about your specific situation?  Contact us at Forward Health – We are here to help.

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