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How Forward Health Can Help Make Your Senior Years Fantastic

Growing older brings new challenges to the body. The decrease in mobility and imbalance is so gradual that the change can be barely noticeable until all of sudden you can’t do the things you used to be able to do with ease.  As our bodies age, it becomes more and more important to stay healthy and active. Sometimes your bones and muscles may weaken, or you may notice a decline in your muscle strength which can interfere with doing the things that you love.

It’s unfortunate that many seniors’ face chronic pain or other issues related to the body deteriorating over time.  Luckily, functional chiropractic care has been shown to have multiple benefits for the elderly, from increased mobility to a decreased risk of falls and other injuries.

Dr. Phil McAllister has been specially trained to treat the sensitive needs of the elderly safely and effectively. The first step is an examination.  Typically, the reason a senior seeks care is for symptoms of pain in the muscles and bones, with back pain being the most common complaint, loss of balance and range of motion.  Seniors that make routine visits to him are made aware of the loss of mobility and are taught how to improve their personal situation.  Especially after an injury, illness, or surgery, your functional mobility may be limited, and you may have difficulty moving around.  Impaired balance may be one variable that affects your functional mobility. 

It’s a good idea to work closely with your health care professional and by progressing appropriately through basic to advanced balance exercises so that you can safely and quickly return to your optimal level of function.  Many patients see the value in continuing chiropractic care with Dr. Phil for help with their ongoing health, whether as a treatment solution, or for prevention of problems.

Many patients realize at least one of the following benefits from chiropractic care:

1. Takes Away The Pain:

We focus on providing pain relief without the need for prescription medications or surgery, fixing the underlying cause of the pain.  Unfortunately, many seniors assume that their pain is here to stay when it may be reduced or eliminated through regular pro-active care.

Patients often suffer from back pain due to osteoarthritis or spinal compression fractures as we age. If your back is not aligned, it places increased pressure on vertebrae and can increase your risk of a fracture. Spinal manipulation and mobilization can help ease the pain from osteoarthritis by relieving pressure from the joints between vertebrae. Strengthening muscles through core exercises can also reduce inflammation in the spinal areas that are often inflamed from stress. Pain-related musculoskeletal disability can also influence balance, gait, and the ability to accomplish daily activities. When pain is overwhelming, it can contribute to the risk of falls.

Chiropractic care is a natural treatment, a great way to find relief without the need to take medication as many medications have unpleasant side effects and often just mask the pain. There is also evidence that the right exercises and manipulation may help with cervicogenic vertigo.

2. Improved Mobility:

Decreased mobility is the number one complaint that seniors seem to share. Failing to join in with family and friends because of the pain and limited movement can force seniors to just stay at home.   Injuries and aging can lead to a loss of range of motion, both in the spine and in the extremities.

Fortunately, we can help you, Dr. Phil has a variety of treatment methods to heal existing injuries while also improving range of motion.  It may take several treatments to achieve the results you want, but it is worth the increased range of motion you will enjoy. 

3. Improves balance:

Seniors who are suffering from balance and coordination issues often have problems with the cervical spine, the technical term for the neck.  When degenerative disc disease or other injuries disrupt the function of the mechanoreceptors located in the neck responsible for sending to the brain important information related to balance, then problems with balance can result.  By strengthening those muscles that support the spine, coordination, and balance return.

Aging weakens the spine and not just from injury. When degenerative changes begin to occur structures, known as mechanoreceptors, play a huge part in signals to the brain that controls body awareness. Once these structures weaken, the position of the head in relation to the body is affected, causing a lot of coordination problems.

Dr. Phil can help restore balance and coordination by stimulation of the joint receptors in the cervical spine.  Regular treatments may be enough to help you get your balance back and we can prescribe exercises specifically for you to target stability that can be done at home that will not require any equipment or a gym membership.

4. Remain healthy:

Living an active lifestyle will keep you at your best.  We often see that after retirement people tend to reduce physical activity and become more sedentary.    Living too laid-back can impact overall health and can contribute to reduction in function.  You will hear us say that “Motion is Lotion”, our bodies were meant to be in motion.

Dr. Phil focuses on improving your overall health, by designing an overall treatment plan designed to help you be as healthy as possible. Seniors that get regular care often say they feel much better than they did before, which allows them to do more of the things they love to do.


As you move into your senior years, you may expect some discomfort and loss of mobility. Aging is hard on the body. But it is important to understand that there are things you can do to feel better. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and chiropractic care can all make your senior years active and thriving.

We want you to live a functional life that is fulfilled with more energy, positive attitude, better sleep, and less pain. Our goal is to ultimately empower our patients to maintain the healthiest way of living. With a bit of work, we can achieve optimal health together, no matter the age, ability, or disability.

Dr. Phil McAllister specializes in advanced pain elimination therapies, expertise in complex cases, uses progressive cutting-edge therapies, and functional rehabilitation procedures.  He addresses the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.  He has a genuine concern for his patient’s health, and he provides high quality care to his patients, he will spend the time to explain what is taking place inside your body. Contact us to discuss your needs, we are here to help!

The information is not intended to provide or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

It is for informational purposes only.