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Orthotics for Cycling, How They Can Help

Cycling is an excellent hobby, and for the cycling enthusiast, the freedom to ride on a beautiful day is a great way to spend leisure time. For those who use their bike as their primary source of transportation, it is the way to get to and from work or activities. Yet, cycling takes a toll on the body. It is crucial to be aware of the physical stress placed on the body when riding.  The repetitive motion over many miles combined with poor biomechanics can sometimes lead to injury.

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Benefits of Walking

Walking is the number one exercise I recommend to most of my patients because it is quite easy to do, requires nothing but a pair of supportive walking shoes, and has tremendous mental and physical benefits.

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Do You or Someone You Love Suffer from Persistent Headaches?

Headaches are an incredibly common problem, the physical and mental toll migraines and other headaches take on those who suffer from them can be quite significant. It is important to seek treatment to minimize their occurrence and impact.

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