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6 Ways Stretching Can Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Maintaining ideal health is a complicated process and putting a bit of attention towards your joints and muscles will go a long way in supporting your overall health.  Often stretching is thought of as fundamental as part of an exercise program, as the warm-up or cool-down.   Stretching is a great way to start your day and it comes with a wide range of other benefits.

What are the benefits of stretching?

Stretching provides numerous benefits to help your body keep itself healthier. One of the most important of these is stress relief. Everyday life throws lots of challenges at you, and the resulting stress can be held in your muscles.

The top 6 benefits of incorporating stretching into your daily life include:

1. Improved Energy.

A few good stretches conducted properly can give you the burst of energy you need to improve your energy during your day. If you begin to feel sluggish at work during the day, take a quick “stretch break” to boost your energy level.  You’ll often hear me say: “Motion is Lotion”.

2. Alleviate Pain and Muscle Tension. 

By engaging in targeted stretches, you can work to alleviate pain and tension throughout the body. Did you know that there are specific stretches that are designed to help alleviate back pain, and those that are for neck or shoulder pain when done correctly can offer some relief from discomfort?

It is highly recommended that prior to working with a targeted stretch for a particular issue of pain that you consult with Dr. McAllister at Forward Health for guidance.

3. Better Blood Circulation.

The main goal of a stretching regimen is to get your blood flowing to the extremities.  Blood carries oxygen to your cells and makes you healthier overall. Additionally, better blood circulation from stretching can also reduce post-workout soreness.

4. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion.

Better flexibility carries a host of benefits, it improves your physical performance and reduces the chances of injury. Additionally, when you become more flexible, your body requires less energy to carry out everyday actions. 

When you stretch regularly, your muscles become more able to extend fully, thereby improving your range of motion. By stretching every day, you provide your body with a means of keeping your muscles warmed up and ready for activity, and therefore prevent the likelihood of a muscle strain or sprain.

5. Improved Posture.

Stretching every day can help posture by lengthening certain muscles that tend to tighten up when we sit in a chair for work all day. Focusing on your lower back, chest, and shoulders will aid in keeping your spine properly aligned.

Stretching also relieves aches and pains, which can cause you to slouch.

6. Decreased Stress.

We all carry stress in our bodies. Too much stress can cause your muscles to contract, which can make you feel tense and on-edge. Stretching releases natural endorphins, which will help you relax, boost your mood, and reduce the amount of stress in your body.


  • Use static stretches after exercise to reduce your risk for injury.
  • Use dynamic stretches before exercise to prepare your muscles. 
  • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and avoid bouncing.

To find out more about how daily stretches can improve your quality of life,

Contact Forward Health Clinic today. 

Your body will thank you!