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Your nutritional levels are extremely important to the way you look and feel everyday.

Here at Forward Health we provide services that recognize what nutrition is best for your individual health. Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND will provide you with diagnostic testing, dietary advice, food sensitivity analysis, supplement & medication reviews.

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Articles Written by Our Experts

Dr. Laura: How does your thyroid function?

Feeling tired, loosing hair, bring fog, brittle nails, constipated, ┬áperiods heavy and cholesterol rising? Perhaps your thyroid is to blame. What does thyroid hormone do? Thyroid hormone keeps: our metabolism humming hair and skin smooth and silky muscles and tendons well lubricated mood bright digestion moving along brain firing on al cylinders LDL cholesterol at […]

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Improving Cognitive Function in Older Adults

The prevalence of Alzheimer’s and various forms of dementia are on the rise in western society and scientists and doctors alike are looking for ways to prevent and combat these horrible diseases . Luckily, recent studies have found promising strategies to reduce the rate of cognitive decline as we age. For many years research has […]

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Dr. Laura: Is Fasting Safe?

Fasting is part of the human existence for thousands of years. As you will learn in this article, not only is it safe, it has numerous health benefits. What is fasting? There are many ways people approach a fast. It is simply a period of not eating. It may be done weekly until you reach […]

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