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Dr. Phil Shares: 10 Essential Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are crucial to a well-rounded training routine because they’re versatile and can be done anywhere. They also teach you to control your body and help develop solid movement mechanics. These 10 fundamental bodyweight exercises help you strengthen your joints, activate your core, target the correct muscles and sync all the muscles in your […]

| September 14th 2017

Dr. Phil Shares: How to Bring Mindfulness to Work

You may ask yourself, “How do I bring mindfulness to work?” Mindfulness is something you practice as a being, as a person. And then it brings itself to every situation you’re in, every role that you play: at work, being a parent, being a wife, being a friend. So it’s more about how to bring […]

| September 13th 2017

Dr. Phil Shares: 10 Reasons Heavier Weight Training is Great For Women

Many women believe the only way to lose weight is to do cardiovascular (aerobic exercise), but without adding weight training to their workout routine, they are missing a key component to weight loss. When you’re weight training, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on the scale to gauge your progress. You can use a body fat tester or a tape measure to track […]

| September 13th 2017

Dr. Laura: Get the Full Hormone Picture

Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, decreased libido, stress, acne, insomnia, weight gain, infertility, hair loss or unwanted hair? Get the full hormone picture with the Dried Urine Total Comprehensive Hormone (DUTCH) test. Seminar Saturday, Nov 4, 2017 10-11am Forward Health 951 Gordon St. Unit 8B Register Today: info@forwardhealth.ca We look forward […]

| September 11th 2017

Dr. Phil Shares: Foam Rolling vs. Stretching

Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, or feel more fit? Join Beachbody On Demand, and get unlimited access to Beachbody’s world-famous programs, including 21 Day FIX®, CORE DE FORCE®, and P90X®. Don’t miss out on your chance for amazing results. Sign up today! Foam rolling has become the golden child of muscle relief. Walk into […]

| August 29th 2017

Best Waffles Ever

Kale and collard greens, teff and eggs pack a punch of nutrition to start your day. With all the rainy weather this summer, there is an upside – lots of dark leafy greens. My son is doing his masters in agriculture at Guelph and his hobby garden in our back yard is my paradise. Dino […]

| August 10th 2017

Homemade Lime Sorbet

Light and refreshing homemade lime sorbet. Dairy free and gluten free. 1/2 c freshly squeezed lime juice 1 Tbsp grated lime peel 1 1/2c of hot water 6 Tbsp sugar 1 egg white, lightly beaten Combine juice and lime peel in medium bowl. Combine sugar into the hot water, stir to dissolve. Add sugar mixture […]

| July 10th 2017

Dr. Phil Shares: Are You Fit to Drive?

Have you ever considered how fitness training could be beneficial to your skills as a driver? According to a new study, simple exercises can enhance your ability to drive, keep you safe on the road, and extend the years that you are able to drive. The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence and the MIT […]

| June 15th 2017

5 Reasons People are Trying Cupping

I was talking with a patient the other week and they asked me about cupping.   They’d seen the marks (these octopus tentacle like circular purple bruises) on celebrities and athletes and wanted to know what they do and how these cups work.  So read on if you want to know a bit more about cupping. […]

| June 14th 2017