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Dr. Kyle: 5 Tips To Boost Testosterone

Feeling slowed down? Always tired? Dwindling sex drive? These may be signs that you are suffering from low testosterone. You may think that supplementing with testosterone is exclusive to hardcore bodybuilders. Social media is often flooded with testosterone boosting supplements that are marketed to increase muscle mass and improve physique. Whatever the reason, more and […]

| March 16th 2019

Dr. Kyle: The Consensus On Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. In the US, 64% of adults report drinking at least one cup of coffee per day. That’s a lot of coffee! Many people choose coffee as their drink of choice for the wakefulness they experience due to the effects of caffeine. But how does […]

| February 20th 2019

Dr. Kyle: Why You Should Use The Sauna

Everyone enjoys a day at the spa for some much-needed relaxation, but did you know that time spent in the sauna may actually increase muscle gains? Originating in Finland, this traditional passive heat therapy is becoming increasing popular world-wide. Saunas are often used for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain as well as headaches. Recent evidence […]

| February 12th 2019

Dr. Kyle: 4 easy steps to get rid of brain fog

For those of you who have ever experienced periods of brain fog, these tips are for you! Common symptoms of brain fog include lack of focus, clarity, memory, and attention. Patients will often report feelings of anxiety or even confusion. For those of you who are high achievers, these daily lapses in judgment can put […]

| February 6th 2019

Dr. Kyle: Cracking Down on Low Back Pain

  2 people with low back pain attempt 10 minutes of moderate exercise on an elliptical machine. One reports that the pain is better. The other reports that the pain is worse. What’s the deal? It turns out that one of the main predictors of stubborn low back pain is hip mobility. You may have […]

| January 31st 2019

Dr. Kyle: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Tinnitus and Vertigo

  Feel like the room is spinning around you? This may be a sign that you are experiencing vertigo, a common disorder characterized by dizziness. Vertigo is typically a result of damage or disease affecting the inner ear. The most common form of vertigo is Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV manifests as sudden, short […]

| January 17th 2019

Dr. Kyle: Diet Do’s and Don’ts for 2019

  Looking to start a new diet in 2019? Here are a few tips on what to avoid and what to incorporate into your nutritional regime this year. FATS ARE GOOD The human body is designed to process and burn fats as one of its primary energy sources. Fat enhances food digestion and nutrient absorption. […]

| January 7th 2019

Dr. Kyle: Debunking the Salt Myth

Do you pay attention to how much sodium you take in? Maybe you should! It turns out that sodium may not be as bad as we previously thought. In fact, sodium is essential for many metabolic processes. Sodium is responsible for regulating blood pressure, maintaining blood volume and is required for neuron function and signal […]

| January 3rd 2019

Dr. Kyle: Sport Injury Rehabilitation

  There are many factors to consider before clearing an athlete to return to sport. Time since injury, improvements in range of motion and increases in joint stability are all good metrics to evaluate before giving an athlete the green light. Many rehabilitation programs focus primarily on enhancing maximal muscle strength. Current research suggests that […]

| December 17th 2018

Dr. Kyle: Can Changes in Weather Predict Pain?

    I always thought my grandma was crazy when she’d say I can “feel” a storm coming as she’d rub her knees. To my surprise, her knees were often better at predicting the weather than our local news. How come? It’s believed that changes in barometric pressure can lead to increases in musculoskeletal pain. […]

| December 4th 2018