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Feel Rested: How to get a full night’s sleep

How Heart Math has changed my practice This past spring I had a patient with a really challenging case.  They told me that they have been sleeping less than 6 hours a night for years and that even that was only possible with the help of sleeping medication.  Most nights they were so tired they’d […]

| October 4th 2017

5 Reasons People are Trying Cupping

I was talking with a patient the other week and they asked me about cupping.   They’d seen the marks (these octopus tentacle like circular purple bruises) on celebrities and athletes and wanted to know what they do and how these cups work.  So read on if you want to know a bit more about cupping. […]

| June 14th 2017

Interview with Dr. Graeme

Dr. Laura: Meet Dr. Graeme Rowell, a genuine, grateful guy. We sit casually in our shared office at Forward Health, and learn what lies beneath his smiling face and sincere nature.   Dr. Laura: Dr. Graeme, what makes you different? Dr. Graeme: I’d like to say I am a very unique thinker! What I mean […]

| January 9th 2017

Dr. Graeme’s Weight Management Plan

Key to Success Weight Management Program: The Diet Reset     The Key to Success Program is unlike any other weight management program out there.  Most weight loss programs are built on calorie counting and motivational support to help people lose weight.  People often succeed for the first six months but eventually plateau and begin […]

| January 9th 2017